Tophatter Selects YouAppi’s Growth Marketing Platform to Acquire Profitable Users

SAN FRANCISCO, May 2, 2017 /PRNewswire/ —

Q1 2017 Shopping App Installs exceeded Q4 2016  historically the strongest quarter for Commerce  as Gartner predicts that 50% of digital commerce in 2017 will be via mobile 

YouAppi, a leading mobile growth marketing platform for premium brands, today announced new research showing that retail is going mobile. In addition, Tophatter has selected YouAppi’s OneRun Growth Marketing Platform to acquire profitable users for its exclusive auction app.

Analysis of Retail App Marketing from 2015, 2016 and Q1 2017 from YouAppi has found that there has been a tremendous growth in the download of retail apps in key global markets including the US, India, Indonesia, Brazil, UK, Italy, Germany, Spain, France, China, Russia and Japan. This data is based on campaigns for 1,300 leading international retail apps running in 183 countries including Tophatter, Gilt, Poshmark, JollyChic, Lamoda, Lazada, Zalando, Tokopedia, Mobikwik, SlickDeals, Kmart, Mercari, Carousell and Wayfair.

The most surprising data point is the fact that Retail App Downloads in Q1 2017 exceeded Q4 2016, despite the fact that historically Q4 is the strongest quarter for retail (and Q1 is the weakest).

Click here for YouAppi’s Future of Retail Infographic:

What’s driving the strong growth in Retail App Downloads? Reasons include the always on and by your side presence of mobile devices, the decline of retail foot traffic and the ability to compare prices and showroom with mobile. Furthermore, the improvements in mobile targeting technologies which enable retailers to target prospective users with KPI-based metrics to ensure that they’re spending money on profitable users have undoubtedly contributed to the growth of Retail App usage.

Some of the reasons behind the growth of retail apps can be found in YouAppi’s work with Tophatter. By running 90 second auctions for users to win deals 80% off on jewelry, electronics, beauty and fashion, Tophatter has created an entertaining marketplace which is bringing an exciting shopping experience to retail. To make user acquisition both precise and cost-effective for Tophatter, YouAppi is able to deliver users according to their Cost for First Purchase KPI, ensuring that Tophatter is acquiring profitable users. By reaching and exceeding Tophatters Cost for First Purchase KPI goals, YouAppi is granted an open budget in order to optimize campaign performance. YouAppi delivers new users for Tophatter predominantly through Video apps as well as Utilitity apps, Messenger apps and Keyboard/Emoji apps.

“YouAppi is delivering profitable users at scale for Tophatter by focusing on the Cost of First Purchase KPI, ensuring that we’re gaining the right users at the right cost,” said Diem Nguyen, Digital Marketing Manager, Tophatter.

“As data from Tophatter and the tens of other retail apps working with YouAppi show, commerce is going mobile to enable shoppers to buy what they want, when they want and for the price they want while enabling retailers to more cost-effectively acquire shoppers using performance-based metrics,” said Moshe Vaknin, CEO & co-founder, YouAppi.

Other retail industry trends moving commerce to mobile:

  • Mobile as a shopping aid – from Showrooming (buying online while shopping offline) to price comparison, 45% of shopping trips include some mobile shopping, according to research from Facebook
  • Mobile as part of a truly multi-channel retailing – for retail stores, in-store provides another channel and an opportunity for upsell when the shopper comes in to pick up their product
  • Younger consumers are increasingly shopping via mobile apps 
  • Mobile Video adds a strong driver for retail – Video App ads were the leading source for profitable users for Tophatter via YouAppi

For more retail industry trends, click here for YouAppi’s Future of Retail Infographic:

By improving the mobile experience for retailers around the world, YouAppi is experiencing strong global revenue growth. Proof of the company’s success can be found in the 16,700 campaigns run for 485 leading advertisers via 110 billion monthly impressions served around the world over the last four years. YouAppi’s OneRun Platform offers one single point to streamline mobile media buying, combining the power of machine learning with the company’s proprietary predictive algorithms which analyze over 250 terabytes of data every day.

About YouAppi 

YouAppi is a fully managed growth marketing platform for premium mobile brands. It provides one single point to streamline their mobile media buying. YouAppi’s OneRun Platform combines the power of machine learning with YouAppi’s proprietary predictive algorithms, and cohort technology, to analyze the mobile content consumption patterns of over 1.5 billion users, converting data into profitable users. For more information, visit


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