Total Business Systems (Florida)

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Total Business Systems, headquartered in Jacksonville, FL, is a full service technology company with unique offerings in the strategic, creative, and technical disciplines. Founded in 1991, we have grown from a single standing company to now facilitating over 7 different divisions. We deliver enterprise-wide, world class Point of Sale services and national support to clients nationwide. We provide consistent and efficient solutions that allow you to focus on your core business and increase profitability.

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Tablet POS– handheld devices are similar to a Future POS terminal-only portable

EMV-several options for Customer Credit Card Data piece of mind

Surveillance-with Text Insertion

Mobile POS app-that can run on both Android and iOS

Digital Signage– included FREE of charge

Multi-Column Modifiers– unique to Future POS customers, no need to click from screen to screen-every option can be found in one modifier window