Trace One Insight Smashes Retail Data Silos for Private Label Success

BOSTON, September 27, 2017 – As private label product sourcing and development becomes more sophisticated, it is more important than ever to have all required information at hand to make optimal business decisions. Today, data silos have become commonplace within the private label industry; however, Trace One Insight removes this obstacle, improving efficiencies, time to market and business performance.

Trace One Insight helps retailers and suppliers differentiate their companies through private label data and proactive analytics. Unprecedented retail disruption means companies must now unify the private label data scattered across their organization to connect the dots, and discover new ways to speed up product development and innovation to serve shoppers better. By combining internal private label data, with third-party information, retail companies gain one centralized view, allowing them to quickly identify opportunities and threats.

“Knowledge is power, and now data-driven decisions are an absolute necessity to remain relevant and competitive in retail,” says Christophe Vanackere, CEO at Trace One. “Private label teams tend to focus on mitigating risk and complying with legislation; now they must apply data to drive efficiencies, get to market faster and showcase their brands.”

Trace One Insight makes it easier for retail professionals to quickly get the information they need to make better decisions. The solution is tailored to the relevant data needs of different retail roles, ensuring the relevant information is identified and delivered based on a user’s requirement. For instance, decision makers gain superior visibility into private label processes through high-level dashboards, and meaningful competitive analysis and benchmarks. Sourcing teams can negotiate better by measuring supplier performance and component costs, and quality teams can mitigate risk by quickly pinpointing and correcting supply chain bottlenecks.

“Retailers often state that they are sitting on a goldmine of private label data, they just need a shovel,” continued Christophe Vanackere. “Trace One Insight has been designed to ensure that users receive answers to the key business questions they face on a daily basis, in order to differentiate through data.”

With a network of more than 20,000 retail companies, Trace One serves the largest community of private label stakeholders in the world. The company is launching Trace One Insight to serve retail companies better by providing deep business intelligence that will allow their customers to work smarter, in an increasingly competitive industry.

About Trace One

Founded in 2001, Trace One powers the world’s largest collaborative network for private label development with more than 20,000 companies in 100 countries developing over $300B in products annually. Our globally proven platform enables our customers to develop and manage private label products, ensure conformity to industry and government legislation and drive consumer trust. does not sell products or services.  Please visit the POS Retail software , POS Hardware, Credit Card Processing and POS Hospitality pages (see left side menu above) to find great POS products. Please let vendors know you’ve seen their products here. Thank you. For sponsorship information see the link below on the Footer menu.

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