Transformational Retail and IntraPosition To Help Retailers Monitor In-Store Shoppers

AUBURN, Calif., Dec. 28, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Transformational Retail Technologies, Inc., a leader in digital-enablement and shopper centric solutions, and IntraPosition Ltd., the developer of BuzCart, a Location-based Services Platform, have announced the formation of a new North American partnership and the immediate availability of IntraPosition’s BuzCart Location-based Services platform designed to help retailers better serve their customers.  BuzCart provides highly accurate in-store product location accuracy and in-store shopper and picker tracking.  Shoppers and Pickers receive visual GPS-like, turn-by-turn in-store navigation and directions.  Transformational Retail will assist IntraPosition with sales, marketing and implementation expertise in North America.

The underlying technology used for IntraPosition’s BuzCart in-store location awareness is based on Ultra-Wideband (UWB) communication, leveraging a network of secure wireless receivers in store, and a tag transmitter attached to each shopping cart or worn on associates wrist.  This infrastructure is coupled with a patent-pending, cloud-based, sophisticated software platform that can be integrated into the retailer’s or their software vendors mobile applications such as mobile self-checkout.  The mobile applications are quickly paired with the receiver on the cart and then the enriched, shopper-friendly experience begins.  The platform provides real-time location awareness within ~one foot in the store.
  • Shoppers experience in-store navigation, receipt of personalized offers, and they avoid out of stocks.
  • Pickers working in eCommerce stores (click & collect or home delivery) can benefit from optimized picker routes, minimization of unnecessary travel, multi-order navigation and improved order picking statistics.  These functions can deliver 30% greater productivity for in-store pickers.
  • Retailers benefit from a wealth of analytics including shopper heat maps, queue management, and shopper dwell time and route in store visualizations.

“Shoppers today want better mobile-enabled, in-store experiences that are highly personalized,” said Todd P. Michaud, President & CEO of Transformational Retail.  “IntraPosition provides a differentiating way for retailers to re-think in-store shopper engagement, helping customers to save money and save time.”

“With BuzCart, we believe that we have built the most accurate and robust location positioning solution for retailers,” said Yaron Shavit, Founder and CEO of IntraPosition.  “Retailers can leverage this platform to give shoppers personalized content at the right time and place making their store visit more enjoyable and productive.”

As a part of the initial launch plan, Transformational Retail and IntraPosition will be seeking retailers interested in piloting location positioning in their stores.   Transformational Retail will be featuring BuzCart at the upcoming trade events including the National Retail Federation Big Show in New York City in Booth 929 on January 14th-16th and at the National Grocers Association event in Las Vegas on February 11th-14th

About Transformational Retail Technologies, Inc.

Transformational Retail, based in Auburn, California helps retailers with digitally-enabled and shopper centric solutions.  The company has developed a best of breed software portfolio of innovative solutions designed to help retailers to transform their relationships with shoppers.  The company provides strategic advisory services and sales-as-a-service go-to-market execution for some of the industry’s most interesting emerging technologies.  These technology offerings help retailers to grow revenues and profitability, better serve shoppers, and drive operational efficiencies. 

About IntraPosition

IntraPosition Ltd., based in Yokne’am Illit, Israel offers BuzCart, a Location-based Shopper Engagement Platform for retailers.  This patent-pending platform helps retailers to improve the shopper experience with in-store step-by-step navigation and support for location-based offers.  BuzCart also improves eCommerce picker productivity in store.  The company’s offerings integrate with retailer or software vendor applications. 

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