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About a year ago, in May 2012, Point of Sale News reported Groupon’s acquisition of Breadcrumb’s restaurant point of sale (POS) iPad operating system. In October, we ran an overview of the system’s beta release in 100 New York cafes, bars and restaurants, and the release of the POS system nationwide.

As a quick recap, Breadcrumb’s restaurant POS solution allows patrons, waiters and owners to improve the process of redeeming a Groupon offer, take orders tableside and update their menus using Breadcrumb’s wireless iPad technology. Additionally, Breadcrumb performs tasks traditionally handled manually, including the ability to merge and split checks, a major headache for servers. Employee management features include time clocks, access permission and real-time sales reports. Receipts are printed on-site or emailed to customers for convenience and expedience.

Breadcrumb recently announced that it has updated its restaurant POS app to include, among other features, new inventory management features. The update, the company says, is based on conversations with hundreds of merchants and insights gained from over 10 million menu items sold and recorded through the software.

The app includes uploading of menu items and inventory counts to all Breadcrumb terminals, showing what’s in stock at any one time. There are also benefits for shops that deliver, including ID functionality and storage of customer data. Additionally, the update prints recommended tip amounts on receipts, permits venues to track declared server tips, and adds an automatic gratuity based on party size.

One online reviewer noted that, to him, the ideal POS system would be simple, intuitive and comprehensive. “Breadcrumb lives up to this task, matching the gracefulness of the iPad,” he wrote.

The pricing is based on the number of iPads using Breadcrumb, starting at $99 for one iPad, $199 for two iPads, $299 for five iPads, and $399 for 10 iPads. Another reviewer questioned this pricing system. “Can a small restaurant get away with one iPad?” he wrote. “It is unlikely if you have multiple servers and take out/delivery. If you get busy and one iPad causes congestion at the terminals, it may just make sense to try two. With a bar and restaurant, one iPad will be strained. When you get to five iPads, you probably have a bigger restaurant or one that takes order entries tableside.”

Yet a third reviewer noted a downside, in that Breadcrumb relies on cloud-computing, meaning the server is off-site and does not have a backup mode. “If you lose internet connection, although normally a rare event, it does not store information and keep functioning until it can re-sync up with the Breadcrumb system,” he wrote. “So, with no internet connection and the 4G mobile network, the restaurant is left to get out paper, pencil and calculator. The 4G network will inevitably be slower, but functional. Of course, the internet may be necessary for credit card transactions, unless the restaurants have an old credit card slider with carbon paper. Still, I see no reason why it cannot keep going until the connectivity problem is resolved.”

If you are a restaurant or bar owner who is using the Breadcrumb POS, we would like to hear from you. Please post your comment below.

Want to know more? Watch the video at http://vimeo.com/50696186 to see how Breadcrumb works in a hospitality setting, or visit their website.

Article by Suzi Harkola

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