Salesfloor Storefront(TM) Redefines the Role of In-Store Sales Associates

Platform Allows Local Associates to Expand Network of Customers and Drive Their Own Online Sales, Contributing to 10x Lift in Online Conversions and 50 Percent Increase in Average Order Value

MONTREAL, QC–(Marketwired – Jun 15, 2016) – Salesfloor, a retail technology platform that enables customers to shop online with their local store and associate, today announces key success metrics of one of its core features: Salesfloor Storefront™ for Associates.

A Storefront on Salesfloor’s technology platform gives retail store associates their own personalized version of their retailer’s website. Associates use Storefronts, which include a suite of shopping apps, to interact with customers, recommend products and for the first time, sell online. On average, each associate using Salesfloor Storefront™ sees a 50 percent increase in average order value, which also results in a 10x lift in online conversions. This success is driven by Salesfloor’s first-of-its-kind technology that connects retailers’ best converting channel — sales associates — with its biggest traffic channel — online.

“We are giving retailers the technology they need to leverage their sales associates online, a strategy we call people-powered e-commerce, which has never been done before” said Oscar Sachs, Co-Founder and CEO of Salesfloor. “In order to offer shoppers a truly seamless shopping experience that drives sales, retailers need to bridge the gap between online and brick-and-mortar store experiences with their one true differentiator: their people. We’re giving retailers the tools necessary to empower their associates to provide personalized expert service to their local, online customer.”

According to IAB, half of U.S. shoppers engage in showrooming, which directly affects store and associate sales. Online Storefronts for Associates combat this by redefining the role of an associate and enabling them to sell outside of the physical confines of a store. Salesfloor Storefronts give associates the ability to market online directly to customers and create an environment where customers can shop online with their associate at any time.

With personalization so important in retailing today, customers are looking for ways to connect with their local associates and purchase from either them or their local store online. This is evidenced by the fact that associate marketing initiatives, like email campaigns, powered by Salesfloor Storefront, result in a doubled open rate and 50 percent increase in click through rate compared to the retailer’s national newsletter.

With Salesfloor Storefront™, each sales associate makes his or her own curated product selections, including associate comments and reviews on specific items. This ensures that online customers receive the personalized experience they need, while associates are able to drive their own business like never before. Already, leading retailers like Saks Fifth Avenue, Bloomingdale’s, Neiman Marcus, Stuart Weitzman, Harry Rosen and Macy’s have used Salesfloor Storefronts™ to give their associates an edge over the competition.

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About Salesfloor
Founded in 2013 by Oscar Sachs and Ben Rodier, Salesfloor ( was created to address the significant void in service that shoppers experience when using a retailer’s website to shop compared to when shopping in store. With Salesfloor, customers can shop online directly with the store or a local sales associate, and benefit from the same high quality experience online as they receive in store. Salesfloor currently operates from Palo Alto, New York, Montreal and London with a team of retail executives and technologists.

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