Using POS Data For Decisions to Improve your Independent Restaurant Business


Courtesy of CAKE restaurant software

As an independent restaurant owner, you have a lot of decisions to make. From determining your menu items and managing inventory to hiring staff and adjusting schedules, you are constantly on the go, making decisions that will ultimately affect your bottom line.

What if you could make some of those decisions based on concrete data that would ensure you are making the best choices for your business?  Larger chain restaurants and companies in other industries have long been leveraging aggregate data to make better business decisions. As an independent operator, you might think this is an unattainable goal – something that would be expensive and require hours of specialized training in data analysis. But that’s not the case anymore.

Today’s Point-of-sale technology can help independent restaurant operators gain unparalleled insights into their business with the click of a button. By upgrading your POS, you can easily and definitively answer specific questions, such as, “what time should I open,” or “is it worth it to stay open on Sundays,” or “should I consolidate the number of menu items I offer?” These data-based decisions have the potential to level the playing field for your business as you compete against larger chains and in increasingly crowded markets.

Some operators are already reaping the benefits of making data-based decisions. One CAKE customer in Oregon says, “I check the data reports on my mobile app at least twice a day, no matter where I am.” His restaurant incorporated both CAKE’s POS and OrderPads, and access to the data helped achieve a 25 percent improvement in overall revenue. Improvements could be seen particularly during the busiest days and busiest hours. Saturdays, for example, showed a revenue increase of more than 50 percent.

POS Hero2The possibilities are almost limitless. With the right technology, you can analyze which menu items perform best and when, identify trends and spikes in business so you can more appropriately allocate staff resources, determine whether or not to open on a holiday or even identify which servers take the most time to turn tables and train them to be more efficient. By closing the gap on operational inefficiencies, you’ll have more time to dedicate to top quality customer service – and maybe even a vacation.

Depending on the technology you choose, you may also be able to benefit from behind-the-scenes proactive data monitoring that allows customer support to proactively troubleshoot for your business.

Imagine if the customer service department was working behind the scenes to resolve issues before they became problems, never even notifying you or taking time out of your busy day unless it was an issue that couldn’t be resolved remotely. Or if they could call and let you know the exact date when your hard drive was expected to fail, so you could proactively address the issue and avoid system downtime.

This technology already exists, and hundreds of independent restaurant owners are already taking advantage of it. The fact is, technology has arrived that can transform the way restaurants do business, and the smartest owners are getting on board today to ensure their businesses thrive tomorrow.

If you want to compete in today’s changing and ever-crowded marketplace, look into the technology options available that can help you make more informed, data-based decisions to put you ahead of the pack.

About CAKE

Based in Silicon Valley, CAKE is a Sysco company offering restaurant-specific technology solutions. CAKE’s platform seamlessly integrates front and back of house restaurant operations, allowing restaurant owners and operators to achieve unparalleled visibility into and control over their point of sale, table and waitlist management, menu pricing, guest preference tracking, reservations systems, inventory and payroll.

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