VAR Delivers Solution to Ensure Restauranteur Profit: A Low-Light Setting Case Study (MMF)

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Here is how one business owner dealt with low-light bar ambiance and the problems it can bring for cash management.

Low-Light Environment Challenges: 
— Cash shrinkage
— Transaction accuracy and speed
— Bright cash drawer spotlights detract from atmosphere
— Poor customer service due to longer transaction times and errors

Pay-Vue™ Illuminated Cash Drawer Solutions:
— Reduces cash theft opportunities
— Improves transaction accuracy and speed
— Preserves atmosphere – no bright spot lights needed
— Customer transactions are faster and more accurate

Cash shrinkage and transaction errors are daily challenges for most bars and restaurants. Preventing profit loss takes an ongoing focus for business owners like Ken Hoffman of Howard Street Inn, Niles, IL.

Ken had done a lot to limit transaction error loss and theft, working closely with Sergio Torres, his Value Added Reseller (VAR) and owner of point-of-sale solutions provider TEEPOS in Chicago.

Sergio installed a sophisticated security system to protect Ken’s assets, including his cash. The system included IP cameras. One of the cameras was focused on the cash drawer and the feed was accessible 24/7 from anywhere inside or outside the restaurant. Even with the new system, revenue was still being lost to transaction errors or theft.

Sergio VAR

This is where Sergio stepped in again to make a positive impact on Ken’s business. He recommended that Ken install MMF POS’s new patent-pending PayVue Illuminated Cash Drawer as part of the bar’s POS system.

MMF POS research had confirmed a pain point that most bars and restaurants face: identifying and validating currency and coin in fast-paced low-light environments. Lighting is a critical component of bar and restaurant design and ambiance, but low-lighting is often compromised in order to ensure transaction accuracy. Often bright spotlights are added and aimed at cash drawers.

The research found that poor lighting contributes to increased transaction time, errors and customer dissatisfaction when transactions take too long or are incorrect. Poor lighting also makes cash theft easier.

So, how did PayVue work for Ken at the Howard Street Inn? Ken’s shortages nearly disappeared after PayVue was installed. Better drawer visibility equaled fewer shortages. Customer service improved as transactions became faster and more accurate. PayVue’s illuminated light fit right in; a smart addition to bar ambiance.

Ken’s experience confirmed PayVue’s value in low light environments and the subsequent benefits of improved cash management, improved profit, and customer service. It also confirmed the value of working with TEEPOS, a dedicated and experienced VAR.

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“The drawer’s balancing much better now. Closing’s much faster too, which I really appreciate after a long day. PayVue’s light makes it easier to see what you’re doing.”
– Rebecca Ebert, Manager

To learn more about PayVue visit the MMFPOS website

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