Vend Launches Free Barcode Scanner App For Inventory Management for Retailers

Counter hits the App Store today to revolutionize inventory counts for all retailers.

San Francisco, United States – May 26th, 2016 – Vend, the leading cloud-based retail management system that powers over 15,000 stores worldwide, today released a free mobile inventory scanner app as part of its wider strategy to provide free tools for all retailers.

Counter, now available on iTunes, lets retailers perform full and partial inventory counts as well as process product deliveries and transfers using their iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch. All they need to do is scan product barcodes using the device’s camera, and Counter will take care of recording and saving the necessary product data.

Once a count is completed, the app creates a file containing the names, quantities and SKU information of the merchandise. Retailers can email the file using the app and from there they can import product data into their chosen point-of-sale, retail management, or inventory system. Counter is designed to work with any point-of-sale software, so a retailer can use the app no matter what system they use.

Ideal for retail store owners, warehouse managers and stock room supervisors, Counter streamlines counting inventory by reducing manual work for retailers. The app’s autofocus feature immediately scans barcodes so users don’t have to tap any buttons. Timestamps are also automatically added to each count, allowing retailers to easily track their progress or take a break from scanning and then pick up again later. 

Counter gives users plenty of options to customize inventory counts to fit their needs. They can edit the name and quantity of any scanned item, and they can enter barcodes manually if they choose to.

“I don’t think I’ve ever met a retailer who enjoys doing inventory counts. They usually involve late nights, long hours, and a lot of errors and backtracking,” says Vaughan Rowsell, Founder and Chief Product Officer at Vend. “Many stores are still using pen and paper to do their stock taking which is just crazy – store owners and managers are busy and counting all their products manually takes a huge amount of time out of the business. We really want to change that.”

“Counter provides a way for retailers to speed up inventory counts and reduce human error, plus it’s intuitive and easy to use. We built it because we want to keep finding ways to help retailers succeed. And that’s why Counter is the first of many other free, helpful tools we’re building additional to our Vend platform that will be available to all retailers, so they can worry less about the small things and instead focus on running their business.”

Counter allows you to:

–       Scan inventory item barcode labels or UPCs using your device’s built-in camera.

–       Make use of scan options including hover, continuous and auto-next for fast and easy scanning.

–       Edit barcodes, product names and quantities as you scan to quickly update product details.

–       Manually add items if barcode is damaged or missing.

–       Create and manage unlimited counts.

–       Place an automatic timestamp on each count so you can stop or start scanning whenever you need.

–       Email your counts in CSV file format and easily import them to your POS system to keep all of your product and inventory information up-to-date.

To learn more about Counter, visit the app’s page on iTunes or head to


Vend is cloud-based point-of-sale and retail management software that lets retailers run their business in-store, online, and on-the-go. Vend’s software includes inventory management, Ecommerce, customer loyalty, and reporting analytics. Vend integrates with payments providers including PayPal, business applications such as Xero and Deputy, and is a key retail partner in Apple’s global Mobility Partner Program. Vend is trusted by retailers in over 140 countries and is used in more than 18,000 stores worldwide. Founded in 2010, Vend has offices in Auckland, San Francisco, Toronto, London and Melbourne, and has raised more than US$30 million from top-tier investors. For more information, please visit:

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