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It is a well known fact that computerizing your business with a good point of sale system can maximize profit. There are a number of point of sale solutions in the marketplace that do more than just ring up customers. Oftentimes, the efficiency and accuracy of an inventory tracking or managing system can make a big difference in a retailer’s daily operations and bottomline.

B2B Soft, a provider of business-to-business software solutions specializing in retail management and POS solutions for the wireless/cellular retail industry, has partnered with Technocel, a wireless accessory provider with over 11,000 products, to launch a new Vendor Managed Inventory solution for wireless dealers.

The system was designed to be more time efficient, which they hope will increase customer revenue and sales. The VMI system remotely manages and automatically restocks inventory. Sales data generated in B2B Soft’s Wireless Standard platform is sent directly to suppliers and analyzed based upon specified criteria including but not limited to: inventory levels, in-store sales, and promotional offers Purchase orders are automatically created and the appropriate inventory is automatically replenished and shipped to the retailer. Gary Khabinski, B2B CEO states “Technocel is another key partner for us as we continue to build our retail platform.”

VMI takes the burden of complex and ever changing inventory off the shoulders of retailers, saving them time by eliminating unnecessary inventory counts and buying forecasts. Dead inventory is minimized and profits maximized as fresh and more suitable accessories and phones are provided.

“We’re extremely enthused with the new VMI,” says Don Rossi, B2B Soft’s Vice President of Sales and Marketing. “It’s a model of automated efficiency, allowing dealers to sell more while carrying less inventory. We’re particularly pleased to be offering this through our strong and innovative partner, Technocel.”

You can see a trailer of B2B Soft’s Wireless standard here on youtube (not only is it informative; it has a groovy beat).



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