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Everyone knows that you can’t always believe what you read. This old adage is especially true in reference to online reviews of merchandise, services, and other goods and services. It has been estimated that up to 30% of online reviews are fake. There is an entire industry dedicated to paying for reviews on online shopping sites like Now that this prevalence of false online reviews is fairly common knowledge, consumers want to be able to believe what they read.

There is now a solution for businesses that desire to improve their online reputations by culling verified customer reviews and publishing them on their own sites. By verifying customer reviews, your business can guarantee that it is getting useful feedback while also offering potential clients and customers verified reports by actual users of your product or services. Until now, this service has only been available for online channels, but Reevoo, a cloud-based social business solutions provider, has now expanded its product to give businesses the opportunity to expand the reach of their verified review services with a new multi-channel marketing program called Reevoo Everywhere.

When you go to see a film or play, it’s likely that you’ll see snippets of reviews from critics and audiences as part of the marketing material; the hope is that potential viewers will be swayed to fork over at the box office thanks to endorsements from trusted reviewers and audiences. The same can apply for your own business in marketing materials if you are savvy about selecting verified reviews and incorporating them into your multi-channel marketing campaigns.

Reevoo Everywhere uses cross-channel techniques to apply reviews to a variety of consumer contact points. The program uses NFC and QR codes as well as wireless devices like tablets and smartphones to reach your potential customers with positive responses to your business from satisfied consumers. Reevoo Everywhere is also compatible with Google AdWords and allows you to broadcast your positive reviews online, on TV, and in printed ads.

Reevoo’s CEO Steve Hurn says, “Reevoo Everywhere demonstrates a new milestone in our offering. Not only does it help brands leverage the power of consumer opinions from verified customers beyond the website, but it also bridges the gap between different channels and between the online and offline worlds.” As much as our society has gone mobile, online is sometimes not enough. Programs like this one can help you harness the power of online reviews and apply them to the more traditional offline methods you might use to connect with customers.

Reevoo founder Richard Anson spoke exclusively to The Point of Sale News and echoed this sentiment while going a step further, emphasizing the importance of trust in the relationship between your business and your customers: “The success of social commerce is completely based around trust.  As consumers, we value all reviews – good and bad – but we want to be sure they are collected unedited from real customers. Simple product descriptions are no longer enough and trusted opinions from our peers are more effective sources than ads or hard sells by a company. Consumers want to be reassured that they are making the right choice and with reviews they can get to that deeper level of shopping confidence.”

We were also able to get an exclusive response from one of Reevoo’s US clients, Nutri-Health Supplements. Marketing Operations Director Roger Braun said of his company’s experience, “We strongly believe in the power of consumer opinions and their ability to generate confidence in potential purchasers. More and more people want reassurance from existing owners that they are making the right choice, whether it is a natural health supplement, a vacation, or a car. Furthermore, reviews are an effective way of positioning a company as a supportive brand, always ready to provide the best for its customers. With the rise of Smart Phones and Tablets, more and more consumers are traveling to company websites right before making a purchasing decision.  With the addition of impartially collected 3rd party reviews posted on your website, your brand gains a lot more creditability and consumer-endorsed trust.”


Have you used Reevoo Everywhere or another reviewing platform like it to help boost your business’ online and offline reputations? What was your experience? We’d love to hear from our readers on this topic so let us know in the comments!




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