Verifone Launches New Website

Today Verifone launched its new website, another way in which the company is turning to design in all that they do – devices, solutions, events, communication – to make shopping easy and bring joy back into the equation.

The newly designed website is a reflection of the different mindset and approach the 35 year old payment company is taking to focus on design and a superior user experience. Efforts to hone in on this design-centric way of thinking over the past couple years include:

·          Launching a new website, giving all audiences an easily searchable, central hub for thought leadership, case studies and inspiration; World-class agency, Huge helped in  bringing a level of sophisticated design excellence (video )

  • Navigation simplified – In addition to the look and feel, the natural flow of content and easily searchable newsroom, whether you are looking for a press release, whitepaper or investor event, make it a truly valuable tool

·          Rolling out new integrated payment solutions, like Carbon, to give merchants increased flexibility and options for interacting with customers at checkout; Verifone Carbon has already won the 2017 IF Design Award this year

·          Accepting creative international mobile payment and to help  companies like Alipay expand its use beyond China


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