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There is no question that in the point of sale industry, tablets are one of the hottest things in retail technology right now. Allowing customers to interact directly with products in an easy, efficient, and exciting way, tablets allow retail outlets to give customers an interactive sales experience without retail associates having to personally pressure the customer. Now that tablets are becoming ubiquitous in the general population with the emergence of iPads and other personal tablets, retail firms can be confident that introducing tablet technology to their POS resources will not be intimidating or unusual to the average consumer. Rather, now that tablets are nearly everywhere, they can prove to be a really attractive POS option for retail organizations seeking to enhance the customer experience and drive sales.

Tablets are not only useful on the customer experience end; they can also be used by employees to process orders, track inventory, and complete POS transactions on the sales floor without having to leave the customer. Providing eye-to-eye customer service while fulfilling orders and answering inquiries allows businesses to make the retail experience more personal. Tablets can be customized specifically for retail operations, increasing their durability and ergonomic features so that both customers and retail professionals can utilize tablets in their transactions.

The latest tablets specifically designed for retail by i Display offer a unique customizable option for the retail sector: custom sizing. Imagine the possibilities for your business with durable, high-speed tablets that are large and easy-to-read. i Display offers retail-ready tablets that range in size from 7″ to 21.5″. All of the retail-ready tablets are durable and built specifically for retail with tempered glass and Android operating systems. The tablets are designed to be thin yet extra durable so that customers may interact with the tablets in retail displays and POS situations. Tablets may also have the capacity to replace retail associates on the floor in certain situations. Shoppers may also interact with the tablet displays via QR codes they can snap from their personal smartphones. The retail tablets can be free-standing or mounted in stationary displays that allow customers and associates to search inventory, place orders, and process payments. The possibilities offered by retail tablet technology really are endless, and it is definitely a growing market. i Display is targeting the retail sector specifically with its various sizes of retail tablets. The extra large display sizes make them unique among various competitors. Digital_Dining_iPad_Order_Screen

The DLI 8800 Mobile POS Tablet from Data Ltd., Inc. is tailored specifically for the food service and hospitality sectors along with the retail market. This tablet is also marketed as an indoor/outdoor retail tablet, useful in open-air settings like al fresco dining situations and stadiums. The DLI 8800 weighs in at about 2 pounds and comes in a Rugged Tablet version as well. Various accessories such as a vehicle cradle and a desktop mount make this retail tablet suitable to a variety of settings. If your retail business or hospitality company needs a mobile POS option that is durable and rugged, equipped for dirty or possibly wet environments, and able to be transported from floor to vehicle to office, the DLI 8800 Mobile POS Tablet may meet your needs.

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Retail tablets from Motion are also targeted for the retail field. Motion makes tablets for retail firms seeking to maximize customer service potential and drive sales by increasing face time between retail associates and customers so that deals may be closed. Retail associates who are equipped with tablets can access huge resources without leaving the one-on-one customer interaction that can be so important for driving sales and increasing customer loyalty. Motion makes tablets for retail associates that spend all day on their feet, interacting with customers and closing sales. These tablets also offer inventory tracking and management capabilities and payment processing with both magnetic stripe readers for credit and debit cards and barcode scanners for other functions. Motion Tablet PCs offer a bright display that improves visibility even in bright conditions. Retail firms with multiple tablets in their retail arsenal can easily change out batteries so that tablet service is not interrupted on the floor. The POS possibilities offered by arming your sales staff with tablets cannot be overestimated.

Tablets are revolutionizing the retail industry, and putting the power of your inventory capabilities in the palm of your hand can make the difference between meeting customers’ needs and disappointing them with slow response time or low stock. Increased face time between retail associates and customers means customers receive a more personal experience and businesses a more efficient sales force. Processing payments in real time, on the spot, means customers have shorter wait times and a more positive POS experience. Using tablets to fulfill orders within a warehouse streamlines the packing and shipping process and shortens customers’ wait times for delivery of goods.

ipad pos credit cardThere are an array of tablets specifically designed for the retail sector, and businesses that are ready to make the transition to a tablet-enabled workplace can find something to meet their needs no matter what their specialization may be. Whether you need a slick and streamlined tablet option to impress tech-savvy shoppers, a durable and dirt-proof tablet for use indoors and out, or a payment-processing tablet that can take retail associates to the next level in customer service, there is a tablet designed specifically for your retail needs. i Display tablets, in a range of sizes, make tablets accessible even to those in older generations for whom tablet technology is not as familiar. Tablets for retail can transform the POS experience and arm your business and your sales force with power in the palms of their hands.

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