Vift Launches New Data Analytics Dashboard for E-commerce Marketers

New York, NY (April 19, 2016)Vift, the first e-commerce “video gift” platform, today announced the launch of their new data analytics dashboard for online retailers. The administrative dashboard allows e- retailers to collect and analyze information on consumer behavior to optimize digital marketing and advertising campaigns.

Vift is the only platform that allows online gift buyers to record a video message during checkout that is delivered in unison with the gift’s arrival, requiring only a tracking number and the recipient’s email or cell number. Unlike other e-commerce marketing tools, Vift’s new admin dashboard provides diagnostic information about not only the gift purchaser, but also the gift recipient, a consumer that was previously untapped – effectively doubling the marketing audience of potential customers. Vift offers access to a full suite of analytics tracking, including email clicks, site opens, notifications, ad clicks and video views.

Through this dashboard, e-commerce marketers can analyze customer data to create highly customized campaigns for individual consumers. E-retailers gain full control over all channels of communication between the business and consumer, including all copy in emails, texts and pop-up notifications after video recording and replay. Marketers can make changes in the system at any time, which go into effect immediately, allowing them to update banner ads, post-roll videos and logo watermarks over videos on demand. 

“Vift’s dashboard is the next level in marketing analytics in online retail,” said Jon Loew, CEO and founder of Vift. “Our ability to collect data from both the gift sender and recipient is something no other service on the market can do. Early partners have already seen an increase in revenue since integrating Vift into their online checkout. We believe the insights our new dashboard offer will allow online retailers to implement much more tailored marketing campaigns, driving even more impressive growth for their businesses.”

Vift launched in 2015 as a subsidiary of KeepTree, Inc., a cloud-based video messaging system that allows users to capture, store and experience important videos, now and forever. Vift is currently testing with more than 50 retailers, and will announce its first major retail brand partnership later this quarter.

About Vift™

Vift allows customers purchasing gifts online to record a personal video message that is delivered in unison with the gift’s arrival. When a shipment reaches its destination, the video is sent via email or SMS text message. In addition to allowing users to personalize ecommerce gifts, Vift provides a new revenue stream for online retailers and a platform for direct marketing and customer acquisition. Vift is available through online orders with select e-retail partners and a standalone site that make Vifts available to all individuals completing online shipping transactions. Vifts are compatible with FedEx, UPS, and USPS.

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