Visual Retail Plus Offers POS Store Management Software

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Visual Retail Plus, made by retailers for retailers, is a Windows-based POS software that offers enhanced inventory and sales functions, increased security, personalized service and deterrent to employee fraud. Its intuitive touch screen (their motto is “designed with touch in mind”) and advanced reports can provide a strong return on investment and help ensure customer loyalty.

The software is designed to work with multiple-register, small to medium retail chains and multiple location businesses, making inventory management and product movement between stores easier. The company started as Qualisoft, Inc., in 1991 with a focus on shoe stores, it has expanded to cover multiple retail verticals including accessories, apparel, cosmetics, gifts, hardware, sporting goods, cosmetics, books, technology, lighting and more. Retailers in brick and mortar businesses as well as e-commerce merchants can benefit equally. Visual Retail Plus works with a number of companies across the US that design and program e-commerce websites which integrate with the software, allowing e-tailers to sell online and to update inventory in real time.

Looking just at book sellers, although many of the benefits span multiple vertical markets, Visual Retail Plus offers these features and benefits, as described on their website:

  • SBN look up such as title, author, publisher, plus many more.
  • Child UPCs.
  • User defined fields for relevant information such as special editions.
  • New and used books price levels.
  • CRM (Customer Relation Management) for customer information, keeping track of previous purchases, email blasts, printing shopping habit coupons, gift cards, and loyalty points/cards acquired and used.
  • Kits (gift packages) allowing to pair different items together such as books and DVDs, in order to promote sales. Inventory is updated both as a Kit has been sold and each item is separately deducted to keep inventory accurate.
  • A variety of coupon types ranging from percent off to amount off, receipt totals and more with an easy to use auto-discount system and promotions.
  • Pricing of specific items that can be changed automatically at a specified date and time.
  • A three-dimensional matrix that allows a retailer to add and attach each item to a specific group, sub- group and sub-sub group by author and type of book, including hard or soft cover per book.
  • Ability to search each item by vendor, author/artist, name of book/album for tagless items.
  • Seasonal planning that offers recommendations for new orders while tracking existing inventory and providing recommendations for sales versus storage.
  • Time and attendance, commission and allowance are all tracked.

According to the company’s website, the software’s “Inventory Matrix” allows retailers to create purchase orders, receive merchandise, distribute to stores, create shipping manifests, change prices, print barcode tags and labels, create multiple UPCs per item, change and maintain size scales, weights, shipping charges, categorize of the inventory, create “open to buy” budget figures and more. A strong reporting module provides multiple views and analysis, providing the information and conclusions of the business needs including recommendations for markups, markdowns, inter store transfers and new purchase orders.

Visual Retail Plus is headquartered at 23 Banta Place in Hackensack, NJ. Phone 201-678-9888 or toll-free 888-767-4004. Access sales at

Written by Suzi Harkola 

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