Waterproof Receipt Printers Worth The Investment For POS

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If electronic equipment can be waterproof, then shouldn’t it be? You can even buy a waterproof cell phone now (no more drying out your phone in a bed of rice hoping for the best).

It makes you wonder why someone hasn’t invented a waterproof receipt printer yet, but the news is good: several companies have. Waterproof, or water “resistant” printers are now available from several name brand companies who have are leaders in manufacturing point of sale equipment.

Depending on the environment in which you conduct your business, investing in a waterproof printer might be a luxury; for others, it’s a downright necessity. The chance of coming into contact with water and other various liquids is largely unavoidable in certain businesses.

While most of us think these are designed for the hospitality industry they are also well suited for:

*  pharmacies

*  outdoor retail

*  healthcare

*  athletics

*  professional landscaping

*  any high-humidity environment

*  warehouses or any dusty environment

A simple spill will ruin most electronics, render a sale gone and completely shut down a point of sale until the equipment is fixed—and who knows how long that can take?  That kind of delay results in an undesirable domino effect, creating longer customer wait times, slower sales, and possible loss of sales—if customers have to wait long enough, they may decide to shop where the wait isn’t as long and transactions are smooth.  

So, how do they work?  These new printers work to fight against water damage thanks to the placement of guards or certain technologies built into the machine. If you really want to see them in action, go to YouTube (links are below) and see the live demonstrations of how well the printers withstand water – it’s really impressive.

A few models to consider:

A new addition to their Thermal Receipt Printer series, the Posiflex AURA PP9000 offers a water and dust-resistant printer (see inset in picture on the right). posiflex water resistant At about six inches and just over 2 ½ pounds, this model is ideal for non-mobile solutions (think desktop).  Buyers also have the option to purchase the wall mount brackets. As the companion to its KS-6185 model, the AURA PP9000 prints up to 300 mm per second with partial or full auto-cut capability and dual control for cash drawers. Other features include multi-interface capabilities, drop-in paper replacement, and auto-feed functionality. The PP9000 comes standard with an 80mm thermal sensitive paper roll; you can purchase additional accessories to meet your specific needs (e.g. a 58mm thermal sensitive paper roll adaptor). The AURA PP9000 comes with a 4-year warranty.

Another water resistant printing option comes from Cognitive.  The company designed the 5-inch A798 printer (see image top left) to withstand nominal water damage; it includes a liquid dam and drainage features to help protect the printer from water damage.  For even more protection, Cognitive offers a Spill Guard accessory for the printer. The A798 prints out a standard 6-inch receipt in 1 second, which cuts with a self-sharpening ceramic knife, and this knife is supposed to last for three million cuts before failure. In addition to the standard color choices, businesses may elect to purchase a printer that matches their brand’s specific color. This lightweight model (just under six inches and 1 ½ pounds) comes with a wall mount bracket system.

This past spring, Bixolon introduced the SRP-F310II.  Nicely sized, this water resistant and dustproof printer bixolon waterproof printertakes up very little counter space (although you still have the option of wall mounting if you prefer). In addition to saving space, the SRP-F31011 supports paper save modes and is Energy Star certified. The printer is 29% faster from the preceding model (SRP-F310). Made with a rugged design, Bixolon built the model with special waterproofing technology and a water-resistant top. Buyers have a choice to use either two or three-inch paper, and the three-inch front exit thermal printer comes with its own built-in power supply, saving even more space. Cutting speed is at 350mm/second.  Compatible with all OS, the model also provides an auto cutter that’s supposed to last for up to 3 million cuts. Bixolon provides a four-year warranty.  

If your business environment includes liquids on a regular basis, consider implementing a printing solution that is water resistant. That old expression about an ounce of prevention also applies to an ounce of water!


Have a moment? Check out some YouTube videos on these printers:

Bixolon SRP-F310

Posiflex Terminal and Printer

Cognitive A798

Note: None of these printers are designed to be submerged. Use common sense when deploying electrical devices!

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