WD Partners Addresses Omni-Channel Pitfalls in Latest WayfinD Issue

COLUMBUS, Ohio, March 22, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Meet Jeff. He’s 32. He likes to travel, is planning a wedding and can still get away with eating pop-tarts. He happens to work at WD Partners and recently noticed a huge problem in our industry. One morning he reached for his phone, like any good millennial does, and opened Instagram before his feet even hit the floor. A jacket he’d been eyeing appeared in his feed and sure enough, it’s finally on sale. He proceeded to the retailer’s website, ensuring the closest store had his size in stock and after a cup of coffee, made his way to the mall. A not so friendly & obviously frazzled associate checks the back room only to tell him they in fact didn’t have the jacket and he’d have to order it online. And pay for shipping. 

Sigh. A first world problem in the grand scheme of things, but a big problem in the retail industry. This is one example of what consumers go through on a regular basis with so-called “omni-channel”. Nearly ten years ago brands were told they needed to be available for everyone everywhere, yet so many brands still aren’t getting it right.

In WD Partners latest issue of WayfinD (a publication on the future of consumer culture) Jeff writes about this experience in an open letter to retailers. He outlines frustrations from a consumer’s point of view while highlighting pitfalls and opportunities from a brand’s point of view. He even goes so far as to pay homage to brands that are getting omni-channel right and what others can learn from them.

In this omni-channel themed issue we also give a first look at our new white paper. Our proprietary research compares the usage, appeal and influence on purchase intent of retail technologies like buy online pickup in store, mobile check-out and endless aisle. After talking to over 1,500 consumers we found that while they increasingly use and are interested in these technologies, their presence means very little if the overall shopping experience is lacking. We discuss why it’s important for retailers to create a unique brand experience based on the needs and desires of their customers before choosing the tools to drive it forward.

Lastly, this issue includes a case study in partnership with Electrolux as we created and executed an inspirational showroom experience, allowing consumers to visualize and create their dream kitchen through a series of digital touchpoints.   

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