WebJoint’s Cannabis Software Smoked the Competition for 2018 California Compliance

LOS ANGELES, Feb. 8, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — PyroTree Inc., a California-based cannabis software company, is gaining momentum with their WebJoint platform – as it is the only cannabis compliance software that includes a front-end e-commerce website builder/management tool (sometimes referred to as the “WordPress for cannabis”) – has the tools in place to help cannabis business owners comply with California’s Medical Cannabis Regulation and Safety Act (Act), which goes into effect early next year.

In addition, WebJoint will be launching new cultivation software to California growers in the second quarter of 2017. Beta testing is going on now; interested cultivators can contact WebJoint.com for a free beta account.

Original image of the WebJoint cannabis software with included point of sale hardware.

One of the highlights of Act is called “Track and Trace,” meaning all medical cannabis and medical cannabis products must be tracked through the product’s life cycle, from the original plant to the final retail site. The WebJoint software platform is already designed to comply with Act, and the new cultivation software will go a step further by tracking facilities, rooms, plants, assets and packages, as well as giving growers useful data on their current, past and future grows. 

“The marijuana industry is constantly evolving and it’s getting harder for people to manage everything manually,” said Webjoint’s CEO and founder, Christopher Dell’Olio. “More and more businesses are struggling with compliance because of all the new regulations being put into place. It’s frustrating when a business gets shut down over a simple mistake, like properly tracking inventory and patients.  They also have to keep track of every aspect of their business including taxes, licenses, employees, patients, websites, and any orders being placed.”

WebJoint.com, founded in 2014 by now 22-year-old Dell’Olio (who started the company as a teenager from his bedroom), recently surpassed 100 retail customers in California alone, not only because it offers compliance-ready solutions, but also because it has a reputation for delivering fast, customized websites that increase productivity and foster business growth through gaining online exposure. 

“In today’s e-commerce world, it is critical to have a website, blog, or e-commerce site that increases your exposure and provides tools to make business management easier and less costly,” said Dell’Olio. “What WebJoint provides makes it the ‘new WordPress’ in the website world. Most sites online are powered by WordPress. At WebJoint, our specialty is providing an eCommerce site specifically for the cannabis and tech industry.”

WebJoint Services

  • Website Builder: WebJoint allows cannabis businesses to make their own “.com” websites with all the accessories. Businesses can add their logo, first-time patient offers, social networks, contact information, operating hours, coupons, reviews, blog and menu.  
  • Online Ordering/Store: Cannabis businesses can place their menu items on their easy to use website. When patients visit a WebJoint business’ website, they can sign up, get verified, and place orders online with cash or credit card payments. 
  • Patient Verification: WebJoint allows cannabis businesses to pre-register patients into their online collective databases, and verify each automatically. Patients that pre-register online can skip the paper registration. WebJoint also sends patient reminders via email and SMS as their recommendation is scheduled to expire. 
  • Point of Sale: When patients are verified and checked in, cannabis businesses can ring them up with WebJoint’s Point of Sale (POS) System. The POS keeps track of inventory coming in and going out; when an order is placed, it subtracts that quantity from the business’ total inventory. The POS also keeps track of sales and expenses, creates an order history for patients, and prints receipts on the spot. 
  • Inventory Management: Cannabis businesses can stay on top of inventory by knowing exactly how much is left. WebJoint’s inventory manager allows businesses to create a menu that will display on their websites and in their POS. 
  • Customers & Loyalty: WebJoint allows cannabis businesses to create stronger bonds with their patients by never losing touch with them. Businesses can build their patient bases by keeping track of every profile, sending emails, coupons and more. In addition, patients can earn digital loyalty points every time they visit the site. 
  • Delivery Management: Once cannabis businesses have created their own .com websites with WebJoint, their patients can place orders for delivery online. Businesses can add a delivery fee if needed, or a minimum order amount. WebJoint makes it easy; patients won’t even need to pick up the phone to place orders. Once an order is placed, the business gets a notification to make the delivery. Business also can assign the order to specific drivers, have a route mapped out and see the delivery happening live. 
  • Dispensary or Delivery Service Website: What makes the WebJoint software truly unique is the custom website building capabilities. Cannabis businesses can create a website for their dispensary or delivery in less than 15 minutes. Therefore, WebJoint is often dubbed the “WordPress of cannabis.” 
  • Analytics & Reports: WebJoint makes traceability easy by running everything in the backend. Every time a patient signs up, every time an order gets placed, and every time a donation is made, WebJoint keeps track of the numbers. Cannabis businesses have access to daily, weekly and monthly reports. 
  • Staff Management: Having multiple employees can quickly become a headache when the time comes for payroll, keeping track of hours worked, and taking care of taxes. With WebJoint, employees of cannabis businesses can clock in when their day starts and keep track of their hours automatically.

About Webjoint.com

WebJoint.com, founded in 2014, is an offering of Pyrotree Inc., which builds custom websites and productivity software for up-and-coming industries. WebJoint.com is an all-in-one software that helps cannabis business owners manage their patients, finances, employees, inventory, and website. WebJoint.com tools save cannabis businesses time by increasing productivity, while also helping them gain exposure online. In 2016, Ackrell Capital named WebJoint in the top 100 private cannabis companies, and its founders are regular speakers at 420 College Business Seminars. For more information, visit www.webjoint.com

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