Winner Announced in Design Contest


The Bar Code News has selected a winner in the Bar Code Scanner Design Contest.

After reviewing over 100 intriguing, exciting and exotic contest submissions, and after much debate and input from our judges, this design has been selected as the winning entry.

Some of the factors that led to our decision:

A bar code imaging engine could easily be created to fit this design.

It would be cost effective to produce – and the tube itself could be branded at a nominal cost and would accept a disposable slip cover to use for advertising.

It is innovative and unique.

The laser is not shining in the consumer’s face all day – something I can’t stand about many existing imaging products.

If you’ve read the prior articles in this series, you know that we’ve been bored to tears by the conventional white/gray/putty colored bar code readers for years.   We hope this will inspire companies in the industry to come up with their own new and original creations for the retail counter among other points of use.

The Bar Code News has acquired the rights to the design.    Any inquiries should be directed here.



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