Wontok Presents “To Be Breached or Not Breached in a Malware-infested World

“To Be Breached or Not Breached in a Malware-infested World isn’t the Question” at the annual RSPA RetailNOW 2014 Conference

SYDNEY, AUS/ PALM BEACH GARDENS, Fla. – 6 Aug 2014 –Wontok, Inc.’s Co-founder and SVP, Product Management, Paul Murray along with Rich Cameron, VP, Global Operations will be presenting this morning at the Retail Solutions Providers Association’s annual RSPA RetailNOW 2014 Conference, Orlando. Their educational presentation “To Be Breached or Not to Be Breached in a Malware-infested World isn’t the Question: Protecting Your Customers Transactions Is” will be in two parts:

·Part one: A forensic breakdown of the Target Breach will provide details of Target’s data breach along with other retailers and retail industry security issues important for RSPA members and their customers.

·Part two: A Malware Prevention POS Security Approach explores data security standards, PCI compliance, education exploring the evolving multilayered approach of technologies used to secure networks and endpoints. Additionally it discusses a combination of best practices including an overview of top analyst recognized multilayered security approach supported by Wontok.

As evidenced by the fact that most breached retailers were PCI Compliant across many requirements, many analysts and experts are taking the position that PCI Compliance does not equal security. Wontok discusses the importance for compliance but also the need to reach beyond continuously for improving systems and processes to be able to keep up with the cyber criminals.
PCI DSS and other standards driven bodies today are primarily concentrated on trying to stop malware getting onto the network and yet, dwell time, the amount of time malware sits in a network undetected,  shows malware goes undetected for up to eight months during a breach, meaning it does get in but then is undetected.
Wontok’s innovative data security solutions are built with the assumption that malware is already inside the network or endpoint. Wontok™ SafeCentral patented technology provides a containerized environment to make each transaction safe in the Point-of-Sale [POS] environment by separating it from the network and isolating it from data stealing malware. This essentially keeps the malware outbreak away from the core business application.
About Wontok:
Founded in 2005 and headquartered in Sydney, Australia, Wontok, Inc. has operations in the United States, Europe and Asia Pacific. Wontok delivers proven data security solutions that fill the gaps left by conventional security offerings. With Wontok’s added layer of security; businesses, government organizations and consumers can have confidence that their online commerce and communications are secure and their data is safe.
Wontok is dedicated towards delivering security solutions in each active market segment. The company actively invests in solution R&D to enhance its existing arsenal of advanced security technologies. Wontok was recognized by Virus Bulletin’s VB Lab Experts in the VB100 December 2013 comparative for technical expertise in advanced malware prevention with top rankings.
Wontok delivers its world-class data security solutions through value add distributors, systems integrators, ISPs, MNOs, Telcos and other value-added channel partners. For more information, visit www.wontok.com.  To learn more, please visit: http://www.wontok.com/
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